What Is The Psoas Muscle And How Do I Stretch It?

what is the psoas muscle and how do I stretch it?

“What it the psoas Muscle?” is usually the first question many people ask when they start to find out about how the body works and then learn about the psoas. The illiopsoas muscle or psoas muscle for short, is the only muscle that connects the spine to the legs. This muscle may also be called … Read more

3 Basic Hip Flexor Stretches To Unlock Your Power

strengthen your hip flexors!

Hip flexor stretches may not be the most fun thing to do in the world, but learning how to do them properly can dramatically improve your life. You can reduce stress, feel more relaxed, and be more energetic throughout your day through stretching. Your hip flexors serve many purposes, some of which include; Stabilize the … Read more

Athlete Nutrition Advice For Maximizing On & Off The Field Performance

Athlete Nutrition

Designing a plan for athlete nutrition always seems to change. It seems like any time you want to improve your diet, or someone else’s, the standards change. While this might be frustrating, i’m here to goosfraba your stress away (great film btw.) In other words, creating a diet plan should not be super complicated, sticking … Read more

Advice on How to Relax & Change Your Life With Wim Hof

People tend to be looking for an answer to relax and calm themselves now more than ever. Meditation is not a new practice, but many people have added it into their routines as a way to stay calm during the pandemic. For those of you who have read some of my previous posts, the wim … Read more

Core Workouts For Balance And Power | Kickers of Earth

Oh yay, the core, when people reference the core, it might be under the assumption of the earth’s center. While that might be partially true, the core would be the center of a human being! Yes, the core workouts that people do not only make this a stronger muscle, it also develops that person’s power, … Read more

5 Workouts Guaranteed To Increase Hip Strength And Power

When a kicker wants to become bigger, better faster, or stronger, Leg Workouts For Kickers are a great place to start. Most if not all kickers and punters got to where they are today because they put in many, many hours in the gym. Becoming strong takes discipline, focus, and dedication. However, if they can … Read more

The Best Leg Workouts To Improve Strength And Power

When someone thinks of a workout that develops strength, endurance, and power, leg workouts make the top of the list. A proper leg workout increases the distance a kicker or punter generates per kick. Kicker workout programs are mainly functional strength. But that being said, there should not be one type of workout that is … Read more

Power Techniques to Maximize Distance and Height | Kickers of Earth

The kickers always need to find ways to increase their power and accuracy. Throughout this post, we will cover what professional kickers do that makes them the 1%. We will also cover power techniques and methods to improve distance when kicking. So we recommend getting your favorite jar of peanut butter, a spoon, and enjoy … Read more

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