Get The BEST Football Kicking Cleats Of 2023!

What are the best football kicking cleats?

When I was young, I would spend hours looking online for kicking cleats that were durable, well built, comfortable, and lightweight. I spent hundreds of dollars and went through so many cleats in order to find the best football kicking cleats. Some often refer to kicking cleats as punting cleats, whatever floats your boat. Enjoy … Read more

The Historical Evolution of Football Cleats

The evolution of football cleats is a fascinating journey that mirrors the evolution of the sport itself. From rudimentary designs to the high-tech models of 2023, cleats have undergone significant transformations, influenced by the changing needs of players, technological advancements, and the evolving rules of the game. This journey is particularly significant for field goal … Read more

Aim Small Miss Small, Why It’s Important

Aim small miss small, field goal kicking and punting

The term “Aim Small Miss Small” is used pretty often in the kicking and punting community. It has so many benefits when you take the time to digest it. It is one of the main reasons I was able to go from making 20-30% more of my kicks when I was playing. It has a … Read more

3 ways leg speed makes you a better kicker and punter

Leg speed improves height and power

Leg speed is the rate at which your leg moves through the plane of the kicking motion. The beautiful thing about kicking and punting is you can be 5’ 2” and still be in the NFL as long as you’ve got an incredibly fast swing, consistent foot-to-ball contact, and the consistency to back it up. … Read more

managing pressure as a kicker – a Guide

In the world of football, managing pressure as a kicker is no easy feat. Few positions experience the intense, concentrated pressure that kickers do. With games often hinging on their performance, kickers must not only possess physical skill but also the mental fortitude to handle high-stakes situations. This article explores strategies that kickers can employ … Read more

Be an Athlete First and a Kicker/Punter Second

People often look at a kicker and think that they’re not an athlete. The funny thing about Kickers and Punters is they’re becoming recognized for athleteicism as the years go on. Watching videos of kickers and punters in the 1970’s and you see the one bar helmets and the barefooted players and that would make … Read more

How to Kick a Football Better Using Your Hips

image of how to kick a football better using your hips

Today, we’re going to dive into a topic that’s not often discussed but is crucial for improving your football kicking skills – how to kick a football better using your hips. The video, which you can watch here, provides a comprehensive guide on how to use your hips to kick a football better using your … Read more

How To Visualize Success As An Athlete

In the world of sports, mental preparation is heavily involved when you visualize success. Mental preparation is just as crucial as physical training. One of the most effective mental training techniques used by athletes worldwide is visualization. This article will delve into how to visualize success as an athlete, providing practical strategies and tips. Visualization, … Read more

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