Alabama Kicker Will Reichard Form Review

In the realm of football, the role of a kicker is often underappreciated yet crucial. Alabama kicker Will Reichard possesses remarkable talent, demonstrating a powerful leg that can drive the ball with precision and strength. However, like any athlete, there’s always room for improvement. In this blog post, we will dissect Reichert’s technique, highlighting the minor tweaks that can not only refine his kicking style but also unleash his full potential.

The Angle of Contact

One commendable aspect of Reichard’s technique is the angle at which his legs make contact with the ball. Unlike many players who have a considerable gap between their legs at the point of contact, Reichard maintains a tight angle, akin to the renowned Justin Tucker. This minimized space is advantageous as it facilitates a tight angle on the inside panel of the ball, ensuring accurate and powerful contact.

The Drawback of the Draw

Despite his strengths, Reichard’s kicks exhibit a noticeable draw. This draw, or slight curve on the ball, results from a combination of his positioning and sweeping motion during the kick. When Reichard kicks, he tends to move slightly to the outside of the ball, pairing this with a sweeping motion directed towards the left upright. This technique induces a curve on the ball, which, while still accurate, could benefit from a bit of straightening.

will reichard form review

The Need for Straightening and Adjustments

To optimize Reichard’s performance, a couple of technical adjustments are recommended. Firstly, a straighter swing through the ball would mitigate the draw effect on his kicks. This adjustment involves Reichard making contact more towards the outside of the ball and driving towards the right upright, as opposed to the inside. Secondly, maintaining his foot position post-contact is crucial. Currently, Reichard has a tendency to point his toe up and rotate it, sweeping it to the side post-contact. A more controlled and straightened foot position would contribute to a straighter and more predictable ball flight.

The Potential for Greatness

Despite the need for minor tweaks, it’s undeniable that Reichard has a powerful kick, capable of clearing the uprights from considerable distances, approximately 40 to 45 yards. With the suggested adjustments, not only can Reichard maintain this distance, but he can also achieve a straighter ball flight, a quality highly sought after in the NFL. These modifications will not only enhance his current performance but also significantly impact his future prospects and career trajectory.


Will Reichard is a promising talent in the world of football, with a leg that can truly crush the ball. With minor technical adjustments to his kicking style, he can not only improve his current game but also carve a niche for himself in the professional realm. As we anticipate the unfolding of this season, all eyes will be on Reichard, watching eagerly as he incorporates these tweaks and continues to dazzle fans with his powerful and precise kicks. For those keen on witnessing a star in the making, Will Reichard is definitely a player to watch.

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