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Oh hello, my name’s Eric and I have one goal for you, to become YOUR best self, one of the biggest and best ways that can be accomplished is by learning everything i’ve learned over 10+ years of athletics and applying it to your own life. In my Ebook, I help you unlock your true potential. Whether that is Nutrition, Fitness, Technique, Mindset, We’ve got it all! Click the button below to join the early access group for the Ebook!

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This is THE place for kickers to learn about technique, mindset, drills, workouts, stretches, recruiting, etc. I hope you enjoy the channel as much as we have had making it!

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As a kicker, you may feel alone in the world of football, this website also serves as a community to support, and educate football kickers and punters so they can teach themselves and save some 💰

Simply put from the video, The Kickers of Earth Brand aims to encourage, inspire, and enlighten football kickers and punters.

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