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Welcome to the Kickers of Earth Website!

This is the place for football field goal kickers written by kickers. Here we will go over the exciting and weird world of all things football kicking. I hope you enjoy the channel as much as we have made it!

Feel free to check out the articles as we continuously post new content!

If you have any questions comments or concerns about football topics, workouts, nutrition, or anything else that’s not already on the website, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be right with you! 

If you want to learn about the mission for the blog, check out this short video:

Kickers of Earth Blog, The Blog For Field Goal Kickers, Punters, and Football

As you know, a kicker, uses the hips as it’s where we get the bulk of our power. By learning how to unlock our hips, our kicks become stronger, more explosive, and therefore, more scholarships. 

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Kickers of Earth aims to encourage, inspire, and enlighten football kickers. Football kickers don’t always have access to coaching platforms to improve their skills.

The point of this channel aims to coach kickers not only in football, but in the fitness world, mental side of things, and even how to develop them personally.

If interest is high enough, we may open up virtual platforms to coach kickers anywhere, anytime.

Let us know if this is something that interests you!

As a kicker, you may feel alone in the world of football, this website also serves as a community to support, and educate football kickers so they can teach themselves and save some  $ 

So reach out, leave comments, follow us on social media, and  let’s get better together! 

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