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Greetings, friend!

We all know Kicking field goals and punting can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! 

Oftentimes, it can even make someone not want to play the sport because they just can’t seem to “get it” And believe me, i’ve been there too. That’s exactly why I created kickers of earth! 

To help you have all the resources to become and amazing kicker/punter, coach, or parent! 

The KOE brand aims to give kickers/punters, coaches and parents the technique that is best for them, tips on how to improve power, accuracy, confidence, and instill a mindset of constant improvement. 

Believe me, I have been in your shoes before. Every kicker I have ever met has at one point been unsure of what they are doing wrong or what they can do to improve. 

Because whether what you are doing currently is working or not, there’s ALWAYS something to improve on. So just take a breath and understand this is all part of the process. 

One of my favorite things about being a coach is that I can help improve an athletes technique and save them years of time and even prevent injuries from inefficient movements.

In fact, I post weekly tips and advice on how to kick and punt better if you’d like to join.

If you’d like to get started by getting a list of my favorite hip opener stretches + weekly tips/advice on being a better kicker/punter, subscribe below!

Quick Resources

One of the things that has helped countless athletes, coaches, and parents is The Art Of Kicking” This covers every single topic kickers/punters need to know in order to excel at their sport!

Also check out the Art Of Kicking Ebook version which is available in an easily accessible PDF. Use KOE for 10% off your order! Limited codes available!

 The Art Of Kicking

If you’d like to fix a few technique, mindset, or recruiting things, go ahead and book a short virtual training with me!

I have included a few videos in this section to help kickers/punters out on their journey, I will also provide you with some resources to create more opportunities for growth.

If you haven’t already checked out the resources page, that will have a bunch of other helpful tools for you. 

Feel free to message me on social media as my username is the same on all platforms @Kickersofearth!

Until next time, stay amazing!

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