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The mindset creates so many opportunities. Often times, people think that they have to get extremely motivated in order to accomplish what they need to do. While this may be true to some part, the mindset is the ultimate motivator. Mindset is something that is created through hardships, challenges, failures, and many more things. The mindset makes field goals. Field Goals are made in the mind, and the only way to develop the mind is by strengthening it. This post will highlight how to strengthen your mind so that you can be a warrior on the field.

Become a warrior on the battlefield

Stronger Mindset, Stronger You

If you were to look back on history, you would see that the most successful people in life learn, success is created by failure. The best and brightest people in the world have failed so many times it would almost seem humorous. It took able Lincoln over 28 years of hardship to become president. While this may not seem like a big deal, and during that amount of pain, and suffering will bring you down.

The only thing that separates the people who give up, and those who achieve their goals, are the excuses they tell themselves as to why they cannot finish the job. Having a proper goal in mind as to how you were going to achieve said goal, has shown to become an increasingly important method for accomplishment. Goal setting has shown to be one of the best methods for reaching what you want to do. For many, becoming a Professional athlete seems like the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, only a handful of athletes make it to the 1% of the 1%. But for the time being, give your sport everything you have because nobody is guaranteed anything in life.

When you step out on that field, own your moment, you deserve that moment out there, take pride in it. enjoy what you have because it could all be gone in a second. Far too often, people think that this life that they are living will go on forever so they put things off for tomorrow. Life should not be something to take for granted, ask around and you are bound to find the story of someone who woke up that morning ready to have another day, and they never made it home in their bed that night.

Stronger Mindset, Stronger You Continued

While we do not need to bring the mood down, some truth needs to come out about how the way people live their lives. When you have a direction for where you want to go, it allows everything to flow much more smoothly. Enjoy the hardships, the challenges, the failures, as they help us grow and expand ourselves. Embrace the hardships, write them down, and plan out how you will overcome them. Then in time, when you achieve and overcome these obstacles, you will see how you won. Only by tracking your efforts, can you see Consistency in your improvements. This then pushes you further and farther towards success. If you are not living your life to the fullest, what are you doing?

Focus Creates Your Future

When people have focus, it then allows them to become more driven towards what they need to achieve. Only by knowing exactly what you want, can you start to really see progress. Great things happen when you do the small things, little by little, over time. The most important lesson for many people is to remain calm when things are not as peaceful as usual.

When in a moment of stress, realize how short your breathing is, and take a large, deep breath. Focus on what needs to be done, and how to achieve that, and more often than not it will happen. Do not allow your ego to get in the way of where you deserve to go. Just be aware that nobody is guaranteed anything, hard work, and sacrifices are necessary in order to get to the place that you need to go.

Without focus, there is no destination. People might wander around aimlessly for years without really having a purpose as to why they are doing what they are doing. Develop a focus, write it down, and work your bunny tail off. Great things come to those who work greatly. When you do what is the minimum you will get the minimum results.

Focus Creates Your Future Continued

When you strive for the extra mile, you get there faster than the average person. Elon Musk is known for saying he works 80 hours a week minimum. So in his mind, over the week, he gets twice as much done the average 40 hour week person. Having a proper mindset allows so many doors to open. The way to strengthen the mind starts from the inside out. How do you talk to yourself? How do you act when you do not achieve what you want to achieve? Are you working, or are you just being busy?

Strong Vs Weak Mindset

One of the main differences between a strong, and weak is how the weak give up far before their fruit comes to labor. The weak fail and accept it, the strong see their failures as opportunities to grow. Essentially, they talk themselves down to the point where they actually believe that they are not capable. The strong may not be in a great mood on some days. But they still get the job done. Now, the steps they are taking are the right ones to get to the right destination.

Strong Mind = strong life

Strong Vs Weak Mindset Continued

Do not allow your mind to convince you that you deserve to take the day off. Always do something which will make your future self better off. Not a day goes by where there should be any regrets. Every day, only you know how hard you work, hold yourself accountable. Do not fall prey to a weak mindset. When kicking field goals, they are around 90% mental, 10% physical. Professional kickers have found a way to make their brains their strongest muscle. Only when you conquer the mind, your results are influenced as well. Do the best you can with everything you have, and God will fulfill. Gratitude is the best attitude, and the strong have plenty of it. Let your field goals be a direct result of how strong you are mentally.

Professional Kicker Mindset

Anytime a professional Kicker steps on to the fuel, their only focus, is the present moment. The moment they begin to think about all the possibilities of messing up, more often than not, they do. I think therefore I am has never been so true. It gets very easy to think that nothing is going right in your career. While there may be many things that might be going on, this situation can be turned around.

People can Heavily influence their future based on the action steps they take moving forward. One of the hardest things to do is to miss a kick and have to own up to it as if everything is great. Sometimes things are not going well, and we need a place to relax. For many, the football field is that place. Cody Parkey, a great kicker, is a perfect example. He made some misses in his 2018 season with the bears and owns up to it. Now the important thing is to remember how far you have come and will continue to go. People get stuck on what has happened and not what is to come. A great kicker lets go of what occurred in focuses on the present, everything happens in the present so allow that to be your guide point.

Breathing for Kicking Helps the Mindset

The breath is the wind, the brain is the kite. Allow your breath to guide the kite to stay flying high. When getting on the field to kick a field goal, when you take your steps back, take a huge breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Then, when in your stance, take one more deep breath and wait for the snap and go get it. When you exhale, visualize all of your thoughts fears and emotions leave and become completely present. The present moment can be triggered by the breath.

Full presence is necessary in order to hit your best kick. When we think about how we want to hit the next field goal, it takes away from this moment. Have discipline towards your routine, and your results should only improve. Jocko Willink says “discipline equals freedom.” So how are you going to create your future?

Breathing Helps the mindset

Having a Present Mindset

A great way to get the ball rolling, start by being present. likewise, right before getting on the field, think of how grateful you are to even be playing the sport. There are so many people who go their whole lives and never experience the joys of playing football. Many people who want to play so bad but do not have the ability. That being said, what are you going to do to maximize your talents?

No one can give you an answer, you have to dig deep to find it and then we can take that and mold into something great. Pressure makes diamonds, just make sure the body has no tension and the results should be in your favor. Do not let your ego get in the way of where you deserve to go. Often times, people want to go to the big schools because they think it would sound cool to let everyone know they go to Alabama. In reality, you will be paying $35,000 or more a semester which, is a yearly salary for many people.

There is nothing wrong with going to a small School, many of them have incredible teams, coaches, maybe even a Kicking Coach. They will definitely be able to provide you with efficient Leg Workouts, Core Workouts, or any Workout that may seem fit. The average kicker does not value their blessings. The position they play is the one with the least amount of contact, the most long-term probability, and the most simple. So why do people complain about kicking field goals when it is really a blessing in disguise.

Having a Present Mindset Continued

The kicker who allows their situation not to hurt them, but you ate them and becoming better through challenges always end up on top. If someone does not succeed in their kicking career, they can definitely look back and remember how far they have come and have been able to do over there term that they may not have realized when they first started.

For example, many people when first starting football, enjoy playing, but do not really understand what could be next. And then comes the college scholarship, then the pros, and now they are getting paid to do what they love. It really becomes a dream come true when people put in the hard work and dedication themselves to bettering their craft.

Start Thinking Of A Purpose

Why do people walk around their life aimlessly hoping that everything will change all of a sudden. It seems as if people have no purpose in life. They are just mindless zombies searching the earth for something that might be better for them. They search and search but never find it for filling moment that brings true happiness.

The happiest people in the world other ones who are grateful for what they do have, typically the people who do not have much are the happiest people. Unfortunately, people with the most amount of money are usually unhappy as well because they have nothing else to work for if their only goal was money. So we ask the question, why do you feel the need to work hard towards that thing you are striving for?

Miles Munroe stated, “the greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose.” So I ask you, what gets you out of bed in the morning? Something great that you might want to do, sit down, get a pen and paper, and write what thing do you want to have in 10 years that you do not have now. Try not to think materialistically. Think professionally, career-wise, personal wise, family-wise. Think big, and act big. Big results stem from massive action.

Start Thinking Of A Purpose Continued

Become the person everyone wants to be not the person who wants to fit in. Be the standard, be original, unique, and work your tail off to get to where you need to go. Best of luck to you and Godspeed!

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