What Does The Perfect Field Goal Swing Look Like?

Today’s topic revolves around what is a perfect field goal swing? How you can you find your own perfect field goal swing? Great question! Firstly, Everyone is different, everyone is unique, so I’ll break down some of the steps that I go through with my students and how I explain what makes a perfect or authentic swing unique to you.

Whenever I’m working with a client or student, I break it down in a way that makes sense to me. It’s a logical explanation and it’s almost a no-brainer as to how one should think whenever they’re kicking or punting. We want to make sure that we’re hitting all the basics right because there’s a lot of things that everyone does differently. I’m not similar to any other kickers and vice versa, they’re not similar to me. That’s totally fine. I don’t want that to be the case because then you’re probably leaving some natural ability on the table because you’re doing something that someone else does as opposed to doing something that’s perfect for you.

There are certain tendencies that we all do that we should be doing that will make us successful every time from a kicker and punter standpoint across the board.

things that need to be addressed that assuming you hit those, the rest will figure it out. And again, that’s authentic to you and your situation.

The perfect field goal swing – your plant foot

The first bit is the plant foot and hitting your plant foot every single time. Traditionally, soccer players will snake back and forth and they’re hoping that they’re going to get to their plant and will twist open and try to hit the ball. That’s going to cause a lot of issues. Instead, let’s try to put train tracks from the plant foot all the way to the ball and attack that and just trust it. Everything is going straight and you’re going to stick your plant foot and drive forward upfield. That’s the first little bit, being able to trust your plant foot and trust that it will go directly where you need to go.

the perfect field goal swing as demonstrated by jason myers.

The perfect field goal swing – Contact

The second part of this whole core component of kicking field goals correctly is the contact spot. Most guys will start their swing with their foot open and then they’ll try to lock it down as they come into kick. That’s going to cause inconsistencies over a long period of time because sometimes you might make it work, sometimes it might not catch correctly, and you’re leaving your foot open and now it’s going to shank off to the left or to the right. Instead, in a perfect world, what we would want is on your drive step you’re already in a flex position so your foot is already flexed and now you’re simply going to lock down and drive through and then after your leg goes through its follow through, you can start to do whatever you want with your foot assuming that you’re still swinging forward through it.

Eyes on the prize

The third little piece of this is controversial to most and that’s where your eyes should be and how long they should be looking at the ball. I’m a big fan of keeping your eyes back on the point of contact. People take it to the extreme and don’t look up for 3-5 seconds after it’s kicked. That’s not what i’m saying. What I AM saying is restrain from looking up as soon as your foot makes contact with the ball. That way you stay disciplined in your swing so you’re not opening yourself up to any inefficiencies by swinging across the ball or not enough.

I have noticed with most kickers that keep their eyes back on the contact spot more often than not are able to improve accuracy and power because they’re more focused on the process and not the end result. That being said, I hope you enjoyed reading this article! If you did, if you could share this with someone else that would mean a lot to me! Let me know if there’s an article you would like me to write next! Stay amazing 🙂

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