Trust The Process, It’s The Key To Mastery

Trust the process is a phrase i’m sure you’ve heard time and time again. I will quickly break down why trusting the process is a must-do for you to master any skill.

When you start a new project, it will be fun and exhilarating at first. After some time though, there will come a point where the fun wears off and you’ll be faced with the moment that many are familiar with. You’ve gotten past the portion where it’s all exciting and now it’s difficult for the first time. Now it’s not so fun anymore. But you don’t think too much of it, you just keep moving forward. After a while, it gets really difficult and you now have to ask yourself, “why am I doing this?” Well if the why isn’t strong enough your answer will be to stop. Likewise, if you know that this is all a part of trusting the process, and if you commit to making it through the bumps, you will come out on the other end better than you were in the beginning.

Trust the process quick reminders

Prosperity comes from those who do not stop. Those who have the will to keep pursuing and simply trust the process see the other end.

As easy as it is to say, “trust the process” it’s another to live it. “One step in front of the other, just keep swimming, stay the course” all of these and more are simply ways to remind you that you need to keep fighting. In order to get really REALLY good at anything, you HAVE to put in the hours, even when you don’t feel like it, or when things aren’t working.

The most important thing is to make sure you are always finding one thing to improve on consistently. By improving little by little, you guarantee improvement. The process is different for everything but one thing is for certain, struggle. But the best things result from pressure and struggle. Nobody who has made a meaningful impact in the world was guaranteed everything from the start, they were either laughed at or counted out.

The people who really make a difference in this world trust the process and commit to making themselves better and the world better as a result. With all the confusion in the world, you’re able to guarantee a few things. One thing I’m certain of is by trusting the process, you set your future self up for massive success with the work you put in today, get after it!


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