Kicking One Field Goal At A Time

Oftentimes when kicking a field goal, we let our thoughts get in the way of our performance. When that happens, it can be hard to play at your highest standard. In this article, we’re going to talk about the mindset behind kicking one field goal at a time.

Keep it simple

While you may have heard this term many times, the more you think, the harder it becomes to do it right. So when lining up to kick a field goal, block out all distractions, focus on the kick in front of you, and make it happen. Don’t think about the previous kick, or the one that might come later. Don’t think about what you need to do with your body in order to make the field goal. No matter the situation, All that matters is letting your mind go and thinking about the ball going through the uprights, then it’s time to execute.

One for One

To build off of keeping it simple, the one-for-one mentality is important because no matter what has happened or will happen, there’s nothing more important than now. By performing your best in this moment, that will yield the results you’re looking for. So why focus on any other time than the present? Focus on doing your best with each field goal and punt you have because maximum effort mixed with a calm mind will often lead to the best results.

Trust your swing

Lastly, trusting your swing is the final piece of the puzzle. That comes with time but learning to have confidence in your field goal and punting swing will mean more and more consistent results. The more practice you have on giving your best rep each kick by staying smooth in your swing, the more improvement you’ll see. It’s important not to do anything extra from far or short kicks, practice each field goal as if you’re kicking an extra point. Doing so will ensure you’re not trying to kick the leather off the ball and are just kicking it at 80% power. Quality Reps Reps Reps is the key to success here. Trust your swing and watch your results skyrocket.


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