Pete Gogolak: The Kicker Who Revolutionized Football

In the annals of American football, it isn’t often that kickers steal the spotlight. Their role, albeit critical, usually simmers in the backdrop, giving precedence to the flashy touchdowns and heart-stopping interceptions. Yet, every so often, someone comes along and disrupts the status quo, altering the landscape of the game forever. In the world of kicking, that person was none other than Pete Gogolak.

Born in Hungary, Gogolak migrated to the United States with his family, escaping the throes of the Hungarian Revolution. Little did the world know then, a revolution of another kind was brewing in the young lad’s robust legs. Pete Gogolak introduced “soccer style” kicking to American football, a style that would soon become the gold standard in the sport.

Changing the Trajectory

Before Gogolak stepped onto the field, straight-on kicking was the norm. Kickers would approach the ball directly, striking it with their toes. It was a style that left little room for finesse or control. Enter Gogolak, with a style cultivated from his soccer background, approached the ball from an angle, offering not only more control but also a greater surface area of the foot to make contact with the ball.

This seemingly simple change revolutionized the kicking game, offering a level of precision and power hitherto unseen. Gogolak’s method allowed for greater distance, improved accuracy, and a higher success rate on field goals and extra points. His style brought a scientific touch to the game, converting kicks into a masterful art, where angles and curves became critical elements.

The Gogolak Impact

Gogolak’s impact was felt almost immediately. His tenure with the New York Giants and later the Buffalo Bills brought kicking into the spotlight, making it a critical strategy in the coach’s playbook. It wasn’t just about getting those extra points anymore; it was about utilizing the kicker’s skill set to dominate the game strategically. Under Gogolak’s influence, the role of the kicker expanded and evolved, becoming an indispensable asset to any team.

In his illustrious career, Gogolak scored 863 points, a testament to his skill and the efficacy of soccer-style kicking. But more than his personal accomplishments, it was his transformative effect on the game that stands as his lasting legacy. Post Gogolak, the soccer style of kicking became the norm, embraced by aspiring kickers nationwide and drastically improving the success rate of field goals in the NFL.

pete gogalak has the greatest impact on kicking the world has ever seen.

The Pete Gogolak Legacy Lives On

Today, it’s nearly impossible to find a straight-on kicker in professional football. Gogolak’s soccer-style technique has been adopted universally, a testament to its efficacy and superiority. Pete Gogolak didn’t just change the way kickers approached the ball; he changed the very fabric of the game, elevating the role of the kicker to a position of prominence and critical importance.

Moreover, Gogolak opened the doors for athletes from diverse backgrounds, showcasing that the cross-pollination of skills from other sports could not only find a place in American football but could revolutionize it.


In a game that celebrates hard hits and intricate plays, it’s easy to overlook the elegance and finesse brought in by kickers. But thanks to Pete Gogolak, the realm of kicking witnessed a renaissance, blossoming into a refined art that melds power, precision, and grace. His impact reverberates with every successful field goal seen today, reminding us that sometimes, revolutions come not with a roar, but with a well-placed, powerful kick that changed the game of football forever.

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