A Quick Fix For Better Accuracy On Field Goals

When you’re talking about getting better accuracy on field goals, everything is about straight lines. Whether you’re lining up on the left hash or right hatch or down the middle, it doesn’t matter. Everything is straight.

Because if you take your steps randomly, and you’re not really sure where you’re gonna end up,  one time you might be 2.5 yards away, another time you might be 2.75 yards away. Each time you land, your body’s gonna have to work a little bit harder to get to that same location every time.

Hopefully, you’re getting to the same plant spot every time. But ideally, you want it to keep it your approach straight to the plant, so you really don’t have to think about all the other details or approaches.

So, instead of lining up diagonally and causing inefficiencies with your approach, line up straight. Your steps are right in a straight line whether you’re in the left hash or right hash. You draw a straight line down towards your target, over to the side. That’s part one.

Plant Spot

Part two is to attack the plant spot, not the ball. When you attack the ball, that’s where you’re gonna see a lot of issues. 

Because if I go in, my body goes towards the ball and then I go back out to the plant spot. By the time you land, your body has done a lot of twisting and turning. That’s where you’re going to see those hooks, those high spins off to the left or right upright. You’re not gonna see it really hit well and timed correctly.

Instead, if you go everything towards the plant spot, you’re bringing all of your energy where it needs to be. Your hips are in an optimal position at contact. So, whenever you swing, everything is going where it needs to go, instead of having to force it or twist too much and causing a lot of inconsistencies.

Again, kicking, at least the way I teach it, is about efficiency. If you want better accuracy on field goals, you want your body to work as little as possible to get the most amount of results.

Go towards your plant spot with every ounce of energy you have. Plant spot. Plant spot. Plant spot. Trust it. Swing down your target and just let it do its thing. You’ll see a lot more consistency that way versus going ball, ball, plant, twisting, and praying it goes in. All the other movements aren’t needed. Keep your body control simple, go to the plant and swing straight. Easy peasy.

Increasing accuracy on field goals with the plant foot

To elaborate further, the plant foot is the non-kicking foot that is planted on the ground just before the kick. This foot acts as the foundation for the entire kick, providing stability and balance. When you attack the ball, you’re more likely to focus on the kicking foot and lose sight of the plant foot. As a result, you may end up twisting and turning your body too much, causing inconsistencies in your kicks.

On the other hand, by directing your attention towards the plant foot, you can improve your balance and stability, which are crucial for accurate kicking. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep your hips in an optimal position at the point of contact, which will help you achieve a better follow-through and consistent results.

Moreover, efficiency is the key to successful field goal kicking. By minimizing unnecessary movements and focusing on the plant spot, you’ll be able to conserve your energy and use it more effectively towards the kick. This approach will also help reduce the risk of injury, as excessive twisting and turning can strain your muscles and joints.

To sum up, attacking the plant spot instead of the ball is an effective way to improve your accuracy and consistency when kicking a field goal. By focusing on your plant foot, you can improve your balance, stability, and energy efficiency, resulting in better results on the field.

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Hopefully, that helps you get better accuracy on field goals. Comment below what you would like to see next!

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