Here’s 3 Ways you can Focus More in Games

3 ways to focus more in games When you’re trying to focus more in games, there are a few really great ways to lock in during practice to help come game time. While it’s great to have all these different methods, these are the ones I believe are more helpful than other methods.

Crowd noise/Distracting sounds

In order to really focus more on games, you should be overpreparing for game time. There are many ways you can do this but one of the best ways is to grab some headphones, put on some crowd noise or really distracting sounds and kick through that. If not, get someone to yell or do something to throw you off. I guarantee that will help you focus more in games. There are many things that can make you better at your sport, this is definitely going to help you focus more in games.

Focus more in games by Exercising right before

It’s difficult to replicate nerves and adrenaline when it’s game time. So the best way to duplicate it is through some type of exercise. Typically these will be higher intensity movements like burpees, jump squats, 1-2 sprints, or anything else you can do in 1 minute or less that can get your heart rate pumping. When you want to focus more in games, this will be a great way to help you play your sport when you feel fatigued or not your physical best. The trick here is to not do an exercise for a long period of time that you can’t stand or still do the motion without major muscle fatigue. That’s why 1 minute of heart-pumping exercise is plenty to help you focus more in games.

Focus on breathing

This is the biggest one. Even if you do the two above recommendations, you can still get nervous in games. Therefore, learning to control your breathing in times of stress can help a ton to focus more in games. Practice doing the box breathing method and taking deep breaths before doing your sport to calm yourself and your nerves. Take the deepest breath you can for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, let it out for 4, and hold for 4. Do that 4 times. The trick on top of the breathing is to bring your attention to now. Try to include as many senses as possible so you can be fully present. The more present and calm your breathing is, the better. I covered this in more depth on a previous article. You don’t have to do box breathing, you could simply do 5-10 full deep breaths through your belly. Whatever breathing method you do, know the trigger to doing it is the second you feel your body getting tight. The nerves and butterflies are a sign to breathe! Hopefully, this short post helped you focus more in games. If it did in any way, please share this as it helps me help more people just like you! 🙂 BONUS RESOURCES: If you found this helpful and want to read more about how to improve as a field goal kicker and punter, check out my book, “The Art Of Kicking” Also, I created a kicking and punting journal to track your progress called, “The Art Of Kicking JOURNAL” both can be found at these links as well as on Amazon. Check them out, they’ve already helped hundreds of field goal kickers and punters! Lastly; We hope you enjoyed reading! Seize the day and stay amazing! – Eric

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Eric Piccione

My name is Eric and I have played football & soccer for over 17 years combined. During this time, I have invested countless hourse on my training and education in order to make myself the best version of an athlete I can be. From my training, I was able to earn a scholarship at a junior college, then transfer into a division 1 school where I earned my degree at no cost. Through this blog, I want to provide advice and tips on how to improve your health and fitness, increase your kicking power/accuracy, but also advice on how to conquer your mind. Enjoy the ride and let's get better together!

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