A Quick Breathing Exercise to Do When You Feel Stressed

Hey friends, I’m writing this blog post to give you a quick breathing exercise to do when you feel overwhelmed or stressed out. The method is called box breathing. And it goes like this.

Doing the box breathing exercise

  • Breathe in through your nose for four seconds
  • Hold for four seconds
  • Breathe out through your mouth for four seconds
  • Hold for four seconds
Now do this for four minutes and you will see your mood will shift and your thinking will be different. This breathing exercise is quick and easy to do. You can do it anywhere, anytime. That is the beauty of the box breathing exercise. If you want another reason for dealing with being overwhelmed, here is another article. Simplicity always wins and I hope this post brought some helpful advice to you. Try this out next time your heartbeat starts going faster than normal, your brain goes into overdrive, you feel overwhelmed or any time you just need a break. Let me know how it works out. – Eric
Eric Piccione

My name is Eric and I have played football & soccer for over 17 years combined. During this time, I have invested countless hourse on my training and education in order to make myself the best version of an athlete I can be. From my training, I was able to earn a scholarship at a junior college, then transfer into a division 1 school where I earned my degree at no cost. Through this blog, I want to provide advice and tips on how to improve your health and fitness, increase your kicking power/accuracy, but also advice on how to conquer your mind. Enjoy the ride and let's get better together!

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