How To Find Your Authentic Kicking Swing Fast

Finding your authentic kicking swing is an uphill battle for most kickers and punters. While it is not something that can happen overnight (it very well could), this post will help you find out just how you can get out of your own way so you can start finding your authentic swing as long as you work for it.

What is your authentic kicking swing?

First i’ll start by saying this idea was inspired from the awesome movie “Legend of Bagger Vance” That is an incredible movie that if you haven’t seen it, read this first and then go watch it! 😉 The point behind finding your authentic kicking swing is it is unique to everybody. My swing is different to me than it could be for another more advanced kicker.

Your authentic kicking swing is unique to you. No one else has one like yours and that’s what makes it so special. Many might try to replicate you as much as they can, but they will never be you. Our spirits are trying to guide us towards our perfect swing, we just have to remove our thinking mind and get out of its way. Your authentic kicking swing is already waiting for you to discover it. The only this is to allow yourself the opportunity to find it.

How can you find your authentic kicking swing?

Everyone is guilty someday or another about thinking too much. And thinking is the exact reason you are not able to get into a flow state. When your mind is clear of thoughts and your body is flowing effortlessly, that is when you have found your authentic kicking swing. It can happen as soon as you want it to, just get out of your own way.

Check out this video from the movie to get more of an explanation:

Great movie if you haven’t already seen it.

The more you listen to your body and work to have an effortless, repeatable effort, you know you found your swing. It will click and you will notice when you have found the authentic kicking swing that is perfect for YOU!

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