The Best Football Kick Holder For Field Goal Kickers

The football kick holder or, “holder” for short is a centerpiece for field goal kickers everywhere. With a football kick holder, a kicker can practice on their own for hours without the assistance of anyone else around.

The main point of a holder is to make sure you can improve when no one else is there.

What are the different types of football kick holders?

When using a holder, you want it to have light pressure on the ball with little effort in order to set it up. There are really 3 main designs for a holder;

  1. Ball Dependent Holders

These are made to apply as little pressure as possible for the ball. These holders work by lifting the padded portion of the holder and gently placing it on top of the ball in order to keep the ball upright. These holders fall once the ball is kicked and allow for easy reuse.

In my personal opinion, I have used these football field goal holders the most since I have been playing football and they are extremely durable.

  1. Upright Holders
Football Kick Holder

These holders are most likely the style that many beginner kickers use. And unfortunately, are the hardest to use.

The design of this holder is flawed in a few ways:

  • It can be awkward to use since the height only has 2 settings, Low and massive pressure or crazy high and the ball with fall mode. Both settings are not well made for quick and easy use.
  • The hand of the holder can get quite beat up after months of kicking field goals. After about a year of kicking with one of these, the hand of the holder would come off after every kick. Talk about “efficiency” (Sarcasm)
  • It feels tighter. The other holders are great about having a full range of motion allowing for various setup styles. These holders can only go to a certain height before stopping.
  1. PVC Pipes
Football Kick Holder

These holders, are by far the most cost effective of the 3. They are another variation to the ball dependent holders. Traditional holders are around $20+ while these holders can be made for less than $10.

While I’ve never been a fan of them due to the bulkiness of them, I know many many professionals and friends of mine that use them.

Using a Football Kick Holder 101

A rule of thumb would be to keep the ball either straight up, or tilt it to the side away from their kicking foot. (if the kicker is a righty, tilt the ball directly to the right and vice versa for lefties) This is because we want the ball tilt to mimic a game style scenario.

Naturally, when we kick field goals and use a soccer-style swing, our ball will curve to the path our ball is tilted. So if we can neutralize the soccer curve by tilting it, there will be much less of a curve.

Below are some examples of ball tilt:

Football kick holder, field goal holder

 A good hold is either straight up and down or with a slight tilt towards the holder. This allows for maximum ball contact, and therefore, big boy kicks.

Football kick holder, field goal holder

This starts to become a dramatic tilt. This might be where the ball comes off the foot with a large amount of curve to it. You will see these holds curve like crazy as they fly through the air. The are still manageable.

Football kick holder, Football holder

I would most likely prefer laces than to get one of these. While it is our job to handle these holds with grace, these are hard to hit a straight and true ball with no matter what you do. If you have the slightest swing across in your follow through, this hold will magnify curve and might make it very difficult to get points.

How To use the Football Kick Holder

We will reference the Ball dependent holder since it is the most popular.

  1. Unfold the holder so all sides are fully open.
  2. Grab the ball and place it directly under the padded “hand”
Wizard kicking field goal holder
  1. Put ball either straight up and towards the holder, or leaning back a little and to the holder. (lean the ball forward if kicking into the wind.)

Where To Find These Football Kick Holders?

Where many different field goal holders can be found all over the internet, we have found some very reliable ones on amazon. (I do get a commission based on the links provided)

1. Wizard Kicking Holder

2. Wilson Holder

3. PVC Pipes can be put together relatively easily by going to lowe’s/home depot and getting the necessary materials. I’ve included a short video below with more details on creating one.

Quick Tip on PVC Pipes

If you don’t want to buy a ready-made field goal holder, you can get the individual pieces. These are constructed by going to a department store like Lowe’s or home depot and making it yourself. Check out the video below to see how to make a Field goal kicking holder.

In Conclusion

There are many brands out there for which kicking holders to use. We recommend the football kicking holders above since they are the most popular. The football holder for kicking is a simple concept but it will make your kicking experience much easier.

Become like a Professional Kicker and start hitting better Ball Contact. Be sure to check out the previous posts about Stretching, Leg Workouts, Core Workouts, Drills, and getting a Kicking Coach to increase Consistency. Thank you guys for reading this post and leave a comment if you enjoyed reading!

Lastly, when you get your field goal holder, and you get the best kicking cleats we covered in a previous post, you will need to make sure your leg power is strong. Technique is the main priority for any kicker looking to level up in their performance. I’d recommend dialing in the efficiency of your swing first before looking to squat 750 pounds. Just my $.02!

Thanks for reading and stay amazing!

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