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Welcome! Kickers and punters have often been the lone wolfs, the odd ones out. As a result, we’ve been left to find our own way how to kick or punt a football. 

Through that, coaches and camps come in the picture to shorten the learning curve. But for many kickers and punters, they may not have the money or resources in order to pay for lessons all the time. 

So either the kicker and punter will have to watch excessive amounts of youtube videos and teach themselves, or they need to find an alternative method so they can learn the right way. 

Therefore, I created this blog! I also Created a Book “The Art Of Kicking” Which can be found on my site, as well as on Amazon!

This is THE place for kickers to learn about technique, mindset, drills, workouts, stretches, recruiting, etc. I hope you enjoy the channel as much as we have had making it!

Feel free to check out the blog posts as I have covered a wide range of topics!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about football topics, workouts, nutrition, or anything else that’s not already on the website, send me a message!

Apart from the blog posts, if you’re looking for additional resources to improve your game, check out the resources page!

As a kicker, you may feel alone in the world of football, this website also serves as a community to support, and educate football kickers and punters so they can teach themselves and save some 

If you want to learn about the overall mission for the blog, check out this short video:

Simply put from the video, The Kickers of Earth Brand aims to encourage, inspire, and enlighten football kickers and punters.

Apart from that, don’t hesitate to reach out, leave comments, follow us on social media; Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and the Discord Chat. Last but not least, just remember, get better by 1% each and every day!


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