Exercise For Injured Kids – Advice For A Speedy Recovery

Exercise for injured kids always seems to be a question for many. Kids always seem to get themselves hurt. It’s crazy how you leave them alone for 5 minutes and they end up breaking something. As a result, we’re making this post about exercise for injured kids. 

Being injured is not fun, but learning how to recover from it without any complications will be the primary focus for us today. Today we’ll highlight:

  • Exercise for injured kids – Pool workouts 
  • Keep it light
  • Stretching often
  • Keep it fun with exercise for injured kids

Exercise for injured kids – Pool workouts 

If supervised properly, pool workouts are one of the premier ways to get the body back into The swing of things. Not only do you feel weightless, it is great for the joints and ligaments. 

Some freestyle laps around a pool for about 15 minutes should do the job. 

The beauty of swimming is by simply being in the water, you’re already getting a workout anytime you move. So by doing movements that use the injured muscle, naturally you will strengthen it in the pool. 

Try not to overdo it as injuries can lead to other injuries if not careful.

Exercise for injured kids should be taken seriously. For those with shoulder pain, it was always recommended to both get in the pool. 

No matter the injury, getting in the pool will be a great way to loosen up the body, get some cardio in, and start the rehabilitation process. Also, the pool is a great arm workout for kids.

exercise for injured kids - swimming in a pool smiling

Keep it light

One of the most recommended ways to rehab an injured muscle, is to use light resistance bands. They increase mobility, and improve strength at the same time. 

My favorite thing about rehab bands is they are great for functional strength rather than pure gym strength. Functional strength refers to being strong in your natural day-to-day movements. So with resistance bands you can get resistance in any plane of motion and can really Target the muscle you want to rehab.

Keeping it light will help your kid’s body from being overused.

According to Betterhealth.com, “Sports injuries are commonly caused by overuse, direct impact, or the application of force that is greater than the body part can structurally withstand.”

Exercise for injured kids should be taken lightly.  Whatever the situation, try to keep it under 30 minutes as we don’t want to injure them in another way. For athletes, and football kickers like myself, it was always highly recommended to use the analogy “rice.”





[su_highlight background=”#fff026″]Rest[/su_highlight]relates to Simply relaxing for majority of the day. try not to do anything extra stressful on the body as a courtesy Alton further injury.

[su_highlight background=”#fff026″]Ice[/su_highlight] the injured area about 3 times a day for 20 minutes each.

[su_highlight background=”#fff026″]Compress[/su_highlight] Compress the area with bandages or tape to reduce swelling on the injury.

[su_highlight background=”#fff026″]Elevate[/su_highlight] the injured muscle above the heart to reduce swelling.

Exercise for injured kids - use the rice method for efficient recovery!

By keeping it light, it reduces the chances of further injury, and the kids stay safe. And therefore, they can get back to exercising!

Stretching often

As kids, all they want to do is Sprint around the house 24/7. Exercise for injured kids may not always be the most fun thing in the world, but stretching in addition to exercise, are the two best friends anyone could have. 

Stretching warms up the muscles, getting them ready for the physical activity. As expected, it also prevents injury. 

It doesn’t have to be for long, a simple 10 minute stretch before and after exercise for injured kids is all that’s necessary.

Please understand, during the stretching phase, Please be careful as overdoing anything can lead to injury as well. 

But stretching is your time to take advantage of very tight muscles.  In fact, there are other parts of the body that tighten up as a result of an injury. 

For example, did you know that a tight psoas muscle can lead to back pain? Didn’t know what a psoas is? I wrote a whole blog post about it here. Also, hip flexor stretches can really open up the back as well.

Basically where one muscle is tight or injured, it can mean a muscle close by is compensating for the injury.

Our hips may be another major area for improvement. If you want to learn more about how to unlock your hips, click this link to find out more!

Unlock your hips by clicking this picture!

Keep it fun with exercise for injured kids

Some kids have the attention span of a dog having a squirrel run by. You might have their attention for a maximum of 4.7 seconds before their mind wanders. 

Being able to keep the exercise for injured kids fun will be the most productive way to get this done. 

It doesn’t have to be wild and crazy, but simply getting them moving will be all that’s necessary to help the kid.

Some examples might include playing catch with a squishy ball, blowing bubbles out of the backyard, or even kicking a small football. 

Whatever the situation, exercise for injured kids can be fun within supervision.

If you have any questions or thoughts on this article, let us know in the comments and we’ll be happy to get back to you!

Lastly, many of our injuries result from tight hips in a tight psoas. Learning how to stretch these out will reduce so many injuries for years to come. Therefore, you or your kids can live a happy, healthy lifestyle. 

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Thank you so much for reading and as always, stay amazing!

– Eric 

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